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Airways International Ltd (AIL)
Air Traffic Control
Recruitment campaign


Graphic Design
Campaign creation

Virtual event branding

Display, Social media ads

The brief

Following COVID-19 disruptions, Airways resumed its domestic
Air Traffic Control training and began recruiting for candidates.
We needed a fresh approach to our recruitment campaign.


Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a highly specialised job, requiring exceptional spatial reasoning, the ability to make decisions
quickly and keep calm under pressure. Of those who apply
for the training in New Zealand, only about 4% make it through
to the training stage. So we needed to make sure that we got
the word out to as many people to apply as possible.

Working within the marketing team, I led the design of the printed
and digital materials for this campaign
. This included producing  posters (displayed in the Christchurch and Auckland campuses, and in the 19 control towers nationwide), digital ads, and material for a 'Virtual information session' about the programme.

Campaign Components


Digital ads

Virtual info session

Virtual info session

One of the ideas I had to boost our applicant numbers for our ATC intake was to host a 'Virtual information session', where people could learn more in depth about Air Traffic Control, the application process and the training programme.

For a specialised industry, this was really important as ATC often has a bit of mystery surrounding it, so this forum was a great chance for people to ask questions and get to know the people behind it.


This format has been very successful, and is still used by
the Airways team as part of their recruitment efforts.

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