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Airways International Ltd (AIL)
WATM Congress
Collateral 2021

Graphic design

Printed collateral

Digital collateral

Website updates


About the project

As a supplier of several products and services, in preparation for attending the World ATM Congress trade show, Airways had a lot of collateral (both digital and printed that needed updating).

Collateral at a glance:

  • 8 Product and services brochures

  • A multi-page Training Prospectus, and an
    Airways International overview booklet


  • QR code cards and posters with event
    specific offers and links to our event website


  • Updated videos, website copy and images

  • Event specific showcase website

Working with local and international suppliers and the Airways team, I led the design of the graphics and for printed and digital collateral. Additionally, I helped to update an event specific showcase website, as well as updating the Airways website

with new material and copy.

Collateral for Airways Training

A significant part of the Airways collateral updates was the material that was updated and created for Airways Training.

Rather than having separate brochures for each training product/service we decided to consolidate these into a 'Training Prospectus', that provided an overview of what was
on offer, and was easy to updat
e. Additionally, this also involved helping to redesign the Airways Training section of the website.


A hybrid approach

In addition to printed material, we also created an event specific website that attendees could scan a code and be directed to, with exclusive event offers and all of our brochures available for download.

For this we implemented UTM tracking, which meant that we were able to track the sources of the traffic to the site (and were able to see who had come from the stand, and who had visited from online channels e.g Linkedin).

sim in a suitcase showcase page
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