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Graphic Design
and Marketing

Graphic design, animation

Product photography

Digital and printed material

Product design and branding

Sponsored and organic posts

Campaign planning and creation


I repurposed the print diagram (above) to use as a digital asset

Enatel - energyhub.jpg


Anchor 1

Enatel designs, manufactures and develops DC power systems and software for critical backup power, and materials handling applications. From forklift chargers to converters and rectifiers - Enatel covers it all.

Working with the Enatel team, I was in charge of designing various materials across the businesses' units. This ranged from creating digital assets and social posts to product brochures and more.

Software release graphics

Each quarter, Enatel releases a software update, with new
and improved updates, bug fixes and other requested features.

We decided that rather than using numbers (e.g. version 1.1, 1.2), for the software updates, we'd name each software 'version' with
an 8-bit theme based on retro video games.

I was responsible for creating the artwork to promote these updates, which were featured on the Enatel website, customer portal, social media and displayed in the Engineering department.

The software team looked forward to seeing what 'album cover' that they would receive (for the update released each quarter).

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